3 Methods for Developing Funny Personalities as well as Funny Acts

When funny memes writing a 3 to six-minute funny act to execute at church, school or a few other organization, you need to relocate quickly right into your story and also the theme of your spoof. There's little time for developing funny characters.

If your audience does not have some degree understanding of your funny personalities, your comedy skits will certainly be dull and also lifeless one-liners with no deepness or the emotion that develops conflict and also drives it meaningfully onward.

Your audience needs some suggestion of where an amusing personality is coming from to recognize the inspiration behind what they claim as well as do. Make use of these 3 techniques to develop funny characters your target market connects to and comedy spoofs they'll appreciate.

Usage Stereotypes to Produce Funny Characters

The most noticeable character that every person already knows and recognizes in a comedy act is the stereotype. The vain, female Queen, the dumb jock, the tricky person that prowls in the darkness, the nerdy nerd, the parsimonious accounting professional. As well as since I have actually begun you off with a few for your comedy act, I make certain you can produce a comprehensive checklist.

Stereotypes make funny characters since your audience understands the character as soon as possible. The currently know something of the personality's inspiration and also reasons behind what they state and do.

Overemphasize to the Max

Now to make that stereotype personality really amusing and also boost the laughs, overemphasize them. The female Diva is not just vain. She's so vain anytime her reflection occurs, she stops to primp. The dumb jock is so unaware he does not understand the football headgear he lost is on his head. And unpopular geek is so socially uncomfortable he speaks with computers like they're people.

Individuals laugh at stereotypes due to the fact that the funny personalities in your comedy skit are so exaggerated, they can't perhaps represent anybody in the target market. Even though everyone can probably think about someone in the target market that is quite possibly stood for in that funny personality.

In one funny skit I composed as well as directed for a church prayer solution qualified, Focused on Priority 3 out of shape country girls register for a health and fitness class assuming it will certainly be a soothing time of simple exercise. Instead, their individual trainer looks like an in your face, army drill sergeant that presses them means beyond their expectations and also comfort area.

Include Comparison to Funny Personalities as well as Situations

As well as your amusing characters should not be either. Also your stereotypical personalities can surprise your target market and take your comedy spoof to a deeper level.

The most convenient method to complete this is by believing revers.

Your stuck-up Diva volunteers at a homeless shelter. The stupid jock is good at chess. The nerdy geek skateboards while listening to hard rock songs. The thrifty accounting professional feeds costs dog food to a stray dog that lives behind his office complex.

You can also match-up contrary characters. This is the entire property behind the odd couple. One guy is incredibly clean as well as orderly as well as the various other person a total slob.

When you drop your overstated, stereotyped personalities into a situation together, you create instant conflict as well as the potential for wonderful funny spoofs.

What happens when a liberal atheist and also traditional evangelical work together for a typical reason? A church relocates beside a strip club? A crusty, negative old man adopts his innocent, faith-filled, eight year old grandchild that just shed both of his moms and dads?


By producing overstated, stereotypical characters, including comparison and also incorporating them with opposite personalities into different circumstances, you will certainly create amusing characters with deepness and funny spoofs your target market appreciates as well as appreciates.

The most evident character that everyone currently knows as well as recognizes in a comedy spoof is the stereotype. Currently to make that stereotype character truly amusing as well as increase the laughs, exaggerate them. And your amusing personalities should not be either. Even your stereotyped personalities can stun your target market and also take your comedy skit to a deeper degree.

You can additionally match-up contrary personalities.